Stacking and destacking of 2 pallet sizes

PALOMAT® Adjustable

Air plus electric driven pallet dispenser

With the pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser PALOMAT® Adjustable - which is a part of our Stand Alone line - you can handle 1200x800 mm and 1200x1000 mm pallets in one and same magazine. The shift between the two pallet sizes takes approximately 5 seconds – a light press on a button plus a manual push or pull in the pallet magazine’s left side, which will afterwards adjust.

You insert or remove the pallets using a hand pallet truck, electric stacker or a full-size forklift truck. All handling is carried out at floor level. The PALOMAT® Adjustable detects the pallets via photo sensors after which they are fully automatic stacked or destacked one by one.

When selecting destacking, a stack of no more than 15 will be inserted in the PALOMAT®, after which the pallets are fully automatic destacked one by one. When selecting stacking, the pallets are inserted one by one, after which the pallets are fully automatic stacked to no more than 15 pallets. The entire stack can subsequently be removed.

PALOMAT® Adjustable is fully automatic and only operated manually using the touch panel when there is to be a change between stacking and destacking or vice versa.

Contact the PALOMAT® sales department for further information.

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