Efficient pallet handling together with driverless forklift trucks


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Driverless forklift trucks and the PALOMAT® AGV pallet magazine are a perfect pair when it comes to fully automating and streamlining the flow of pallets. PALOMAT® AGV is an ergonomic aid, which stacks and destacks empty pallets individually at floor level, fully automatically.

The PALOMAT® is delivered with an interface for external equipment, which makes it possible to exchange signals between the PALOMAT® and driverless forklift trucks. Thus the two can communicate independently and maintain a constant and effective flow of pallets to and from the production line.

PALOMAT® AGV simultaneously also ensures uniform docking and thus optimises the workflow of the driverless forklift truck. The PALOMAT® is always ready to either deliver (destack) a pallet or take (stack) a pallet from the driverless forklift truck at a uniform floor level. And if the PALOMAT® is empty or full, it will signal the driverless forklift truck, which will automatically ensure that the PALOMAT® is filled or emptied.


  • Delivered with the AGV interface with 24VDC I/O signals for external equipment
  • Ensures a uniform docking – always stacks and destacks at floor level
  • Delivered with or without software (a complete program within the PLC)
  • Is offered in both a 100% electric and a pneumatic version
  • Can communicate with all kinds of driverless forklift trucks
  • Delivered with complete documentation in your customers' languages
  • Easy installation


The pallet magazine/ pallet dispenser PALOMAT is a standard pallet magazine but has a lot of possibilities when it comes to types af pallets and sizes. Customer-specific solutions can be offered.

As an option the PALOMAT can be modified to enable pallet handling in cold environments down to –25°C.

Contact the PALOMAT sales department for further information.




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