Belt Conveyors Systems

A modular conveyor system that adapts and changes as your needs requires

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Internal or external motor:
Depending on the application and width of the conveyor the motor can be internal or external. Speeds vary from 0.26m/min. to 9m/min.
Motor are installed under the IP22 but can be upgraded to IP55 if required. High torque geared motor are available on external mount for heavy application or long conveyors.
Internal or external motor:

Made of fibre glass reinforced polycarbonate they are available in the following size:

  • 444mm
  • 340mm
  • 240mm
  • 165mm

Angled module: 45 degrees, 35 degrees.
The above modules are assembled together in various different combinations to form a light yet strong structure.

UNI-LIGHT plastic link belt:

Guided inside the flasks on both sides. The belt does not require any tracking or tensioning.

Available in Nylon , Polypropylene and Acetal .

The belt surface can be solid, 10% open or 22% open (cooling fans).

Optional drive flights (ranging from 25 to 75mm) as well as side flights (38 mm high) can be fitted depending on applications.

Also, rubber top links can inserted when carrying heavy or bulky object on an incline.

The finished article:

The main shape are: horizontal; angled and Swan neck (as featured)

Controlled by on ON/OFF switch or a more elaborate PLC software.

The conveyor feature an effective working belt width ranging from 96 to 593mm.

Our conveyors have proven track record in various industrial environments:

• Plastic industry
• Packaging industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Food industry

Suitable for “grade 1” clean room application



Rotary box filler:

No mechanical adjustment required. Up to 10 positions recorded at the touch of a button.

Integrated impulse counter registering up to 9999 machine signals.

Test function for check up prior to automatic start.

Metal detection systems:

Is your production output at risk of being contaminated by metallic parts?

Built inside the module, the device operate form underneath the belt and will detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

When pollution is detected the control panel will produce an alarm and stop the conveyor.

Internal cooling fans:

Too hot to handle; your products need cooling down?

Our internal ball bearing axial cooling fan combined with our open link belt are mounted inside the conveyor and therefore are space efficient.

Each fan produce airflow of 375m³/h at a low noise level of 55dBA.

Need to know precisely how many are in the box or keep a precise count of your production output?

The DYNA*COUNT system developed by UPM Machinery sales Ltd will solve your counting nightmare simply by weighing your product.

Simply calibrate the system to your product weight, tare the container and set the quantity required.

The system is accurate to 1 in 1000 with a unit product weight as low as 3 grams.

The flexible PLC control use to run the system will provide you with the following data:

  • Quantity in the box during the count cycle
  • Number of boxes filled
  • Total quantity of product produced
  • Product code
  • Product description
  • Printout facility
  • Bar coding
  • Communication link to a management data system

We are able to offer various options depending on product and
container feeding systems.


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