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Here are a few examples of how we can answer your conveying needs:

Central Conveying system:

Enable the product to be taken from the machine to assembly or storage areas on a fully automated process.
The following solution integrates:

• Radius corner up to 180 degrees.
• “Red light” system.
• Bar code reading capabilities to channel the product to the right destination.
• Counting system based on product unit weight or machine cycle.

More and more production sites are automated. Our box transfer belt conveyor system is the perfect solution for unattended production lines.

It can be built to a specified box size. Empty boxes are indexed into position. Once a robot has completed filling the box it is then lowered onto a second conveyor and transferred to an assembly or storage location.

Box filling system:

Does your machine output require to be boxed up with a set number of parts?

We have developed various systems based on single or twin lanes.
The counting is either done by:

• machine cycle count
• weighing the box to a set weight (accurate to 1 in 1000 with a product weight as low as 3 grams.)

Every production line has it’s characteristics. In order to respond to all your needs, we, at UPM put all our resources in designing and producing the answer to your requirements.

The SYS*CON conveyor system is highly versatile and adaptable. It’s design allows UPM to tailor its shape to your requirements (incline, 90° - 180° radius and functionality with the help of our in house PLC).

The side frames of the conveyor are made of HMWPE which is durable, tough and fully suited to operation in an industrial environment. Mounted on a purpose designed aluminium profile frame with heavy duty lockable castors or foot pad.

All UPM conveyor systems use a link belt which does not require tensioning or tracking. The precision machined tracks used to guide the belt are designed to feature a minimum of joints, ensuring a smooth product flow without hold up points or ingress of product into the track.

We are also able to offer our conveyors with the belt flush with the top of the sides. This allows products wider than the conveyor to be carried and is ideal for robot applications (no potential obstacle).

The high torque gear motor positioned on the underside of the belt surface drives a toothed sprocket that engages directly on the belt. This results in a positive drive without slipping.

Our standard polypropylene link belt is impervious to oil, water and is able to operate with product temperature of 104°C (constant). We have nevertheless access to a wide range of belt enabling us to respond to your individual requirements. Also, stainless steel components can be fitted to the conveyor to suit a water bath application.

Our “standard” conveyor is build with HMWPE sides 20 millimetres thick. This will allow you to implement light to medium application.

If you have a large or heavy applications, we also offer, based on the same principal, a conveyor built with HMWPE sides 30 millimetres thick.

All our conveyors are mounted on an aluminium profile chassis.

The PLC control systems fitted on our conveyors provide you with all the data you require to maximize your productivity:

• Quantity in the box during the count cycle
• Number of boxes filled
• Total quantity of product produced
• Product code
• Product description
• Printout facility
• Bar coding
• Communication link to a management data system
• Red light system


The list is endless. Various options are available for product and container feeding systems.

The effective belt width on our conveyors range from 58 millimetres, up to 2 meters depending on the application.

Adjustable side rails can de fitted to the to the conveyor to channel the product by restricting the effective belt width.

Do you require to separate the sprue from the parts on your 2 parts opening mould? Look no further!

This pneumatic diverter which seats directly underneath the machine, combined to a 2 stages opening mould allows the parts and spues to be sent in opposite directions:

• The parts are cooled down and counted by machine cycle before being forwarded to an as sembly or storage area.
• The sprues are either collected in a container or taken by a conveyor to be reground or recycled.



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