Modular Belt Conveyors
Do you need to know how many components are in
a box?

Do you need to know how many components you have produced?

The DYNA*COUNT will solve your problem with a counting
system based on the weight of your product, simply calibrate
the system to your product weight and set the quantity required.

Accurate to 1 in 1000 with product weights as low as 3 grams.

The flexible PLC control will provide you with all the data

  • Number of boxes filled
  • Total quantity of product produced
  • Product code
  • Product description
  • Printout facility
  • Bar coding
  • Communication link to management data systems
  • Quantity in the box at anytime

Conveyor Range

UPM produce the Dyna*Con modular conveyor belt system. As this is a modular conveyor system there is an infinite number of combinations that can be used to give the correct conveyor for every application. Once installed, should the need arise, the conveyor can be re-modelled to give a different configuration by adding or removing modules offering total flexibility. The Dyna*Con Modular Conveyor Belt System boasts low maintenance costs as the belt is guided at each side so that there is no belt wander which could produce dust and fines as well as belt wear.

Should damage occur to the belt, instead of having to replace the complete belt only
the damaged section of links need to be replaced.
Cooling fans fitted under or above the belt have significantly reduced production cycle
times and the latest development is the Rotary Box Filler launched at K'98 with 200
units sold to date.
The Dyna*Con Modular Conveyor System is assembled using a variety of modules in
varying widths.

Types available are
  • Horizontal
  • 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° Angled
  • 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90° Swan Neck

Most conveyors can be fitted with the following items

  • Under Belt Metal Detectors
  • Tunnel Metal Detectors
  • Under/Over Belt Cooling Fans
  • High Torque Drive Motors
  • Rotary Box Filler

Rotary Box Filler


UPM mainly use the Uni-Chains Uni-Light type of belt. This belt is available in Nylon (Black), Polypropylene (Grey orWhite), and Acetal (Brown or Black) materials and the belt surface can be solid, 10% open or 22% open. Should anapplication require the belt to be anti-static, anti-static acetal belts are available.

Product supports are available as standard in 25mm, 38mm, 50mm and 76mm heights, although any height can bespecified up to 76mm.

Belts can be built to incorporate side flights which are 38 mm high and stop small parts from getting trapped between the belt and conveyor sides.

On conveyor widths over 800 mm wide the centre of the belt has tabs inserted along it's length to prevent belt sag.

The belts are of the linked chain type held together by lacing rods, which are held in place by endlocks pressed into the belt.

A Modular Conveyor System that lengthens, shortens, adapts and changes as your need requires.

Multiple Belt Widths and Styles.
All belts are guided at each end so no belt wander which could produce dust and fines. This makes Dyna-Con ideal for Class One Clean Room Applications. Width range 100mm to 100mm as standard.
Standard Module
Modules easily connect to form conveyor systems from 600mm upwards. By combining modules, conveyor systems can be horizontal or ascending or descending angles.

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