180° Inverters 

FS Inverter
Free standing 180° inverter with single clamping table. Loaded and relocatable by forklift truck. With a 2 tonne capacity it is available in 3 standard jaw opening sizes with levers, push-button or automated controls, or it can be built entirely to your specification.
It is ideal for boxed, bagged or canned goods, and is versatile enough to handle everything from yoghurt and biscuits to bottled wine or cement.
Use the FS to switch from wood to plastic pallets, to recover damaged product from the bottom of the stack or to add flexibility to your distribution pallet policy.
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FS DC Inverter
Highly versatile free standing 180° inverter with dual clamps.
It can be loaded by forklift truck or at ground level by pallet truck with either ramped access or flush to floor tables

The standard unit handles loads up to 2 metres and down to as low as 600mm in height while the loading capacity is 2000Kgs.
Customised versions can be supplied with such options as:-
· increased jaw opening and table size
· pallet grippers to reduce manual handling
· stainless steel or galvanised finish
The FS DC's versatility makes it the ideal choice where there is a big variety of load types and sizes and floor level loading is preferred.
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FDL Inverter
Floor level loaded 180º Inverter with special design features to make it ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
As with the FS DC there is a choice of conventional/ramp loaded or floor flush tables and a choice of 1700 or 2000mm maximum jaw openings. The rotation system has been refined and the entire unit has been built with fewer moving parts, hosing and connections. The whole hydraulic system is housed in a containment enclosure with a smooth easy to clean exterior.
The FDL is highly versatile but is most commonly used to switch raw materials entering food or pharmaceutical plants to hygienic plastic pallets.

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RR MKI Inverter
The "heavy duty" member of the Premier family, the RR Mark I is specifically designed to handle wide or heavy loads.
Each model is built to customer requirements but usually with dual clamps and a load capacity of anything up to 6000 Kgs. The particular style of inversion makes the unit the obvious choice for loads such as steel or board over 2 metres in width.
We always recommend automated controls with the RR. The touch of one button initiates a clamp, recline and rotate sequence. The machine would have a fixed location where it would be surrounded by fixed guards and photo-electric beams
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RR MKII Inverter
This is the smallest model in the range and offers floor level access for loads of up to 1200 Kgs in weight and 1400mm in height. It clamps and reclines under hydraulic power and revolves easily by hand.
The RR Mark ll is most commonly used to handle paper in confined areas, possibly to invert stacks between print runs. The push button version can also be fitted with side barriers tipping into a 'V' to square up loads.
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DD 1.25 Inverter
· Changing pallets (wood, plastic, aluminium, steel) because of costs, size, quality or hygiene in food and pharmaceutical industries.
· Turning loads e.g. paper, food, etc
· Repairing loads, when lowest layer has been damaged
· Your application ?
Machine Features:
· Lightweight (only 1500kg) so easy to transport
· Compact size
· Can be loaded by forklift truck or at ground level (via a 1500mm long ramp)
· Simple push button controls

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