90° Inverters 

We specialise in hydraulically powered systems handling 500 kgs to 15000kgs and build machines purely to order according to the size and weight of your loads and your methods of handling.
The most common applications involve tipping paper reels through 90° for processing and turning steel coils to suit delivery or storage requirements.
There are four styles around which we base our customised designs.
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Type 'A'
Loads at a raised Height and tips to ground level ( or vice versa ) so loads can be rolled on and off.
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Type 'B'
Loading and discharging at a raised height, it is ideal for very heavy loads.
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Type 'C'
The power mechanism is all below ground so both tables are flush-to-floor level for
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Type 'D'
Tips to ground level on one side and almost to the floor on the other but the turning system ensures there is no need for a pit.
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