Pallet Stacker 

· One model - easily adjusts to fit all normal pallet sizes.
· Loading clearances variable to suit your operation.
· 600 Kgs - 15 pallet capacity.
· Semi-automatic single-touch button control - with fully automatic option.
· Heavy-duty construction for a long reliable lifespan.
· Multi-position lifting pins can be easily adjusted to suit any depth or style of pallet.

Stacking or unstacking pallets with the PREMSTACKER means that you can:
· Avoid back injury
· Avoid injury to hands on nails, splinters or sharp edges.
· Avoid fingers and feet being caught.
· Obtain perfect stacking for most efficient storage.
· Significantly reduce the need for forklift handling.
· Reduce pallet damage.
· Increase productivity.

Floor-level photo eye security to prevent accidents or dropped stacks.
Strong safety screen protection on 3 sides.
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