Palletless Loading 

A total handling system used in the despatch of bagged goods by container to locations where they are removed by hand
The system is based on an FS inverter with a pusher to eject the sacks to one side and an accumulator to stack the recovered pallets.
The system is serviced by a conventional FLT that loads at the front, and a truck with a pusher attachment which receives the pallet-less load at the side and dispenses it in the container.
Not only are cost savings made on pallets, but in the space they use in the container and on labour if the pallets were stacked by hand.
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The inverter is loaded with the materials on the pallet you want to retain
At the push of a single button the pallet is gripped hydraulically, the load clamped and the inverter revolves through 180°.
The clamping table rises and a second forktruck (fitted with plattens and a push-pull) approaches from the side. The driver powers a moving side wall on the inverter which pushes the load onto his plattens.
He drives away to discharge his load in the container after pushing a button to return the inverter to its starting position..
Step 5
The pallet is released and is conveyed away to be stacked in a waiting accumulator.
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