Services After Sales 

When you purchase your Premier Pallet Inverter, you will be offered a set of recommended spare parts. This covers the essential items which may need replacement due to normal wear and tear. Most of the machine's components are off-the-shelf items and are available for hydraulic/electrical distributors or are held in stock by us.

We anticipate (and can prove) very long life spans for the equipment we build with a remarkable level of reliability. The inverters are designed to run for long periods with minimum maintenance and attention.

However, as with any machinery, regular servicing will ensure a longer lifespan, and early diagnosis of potential problems means there is much less risk of an inconvenient breakdown.

Therefore, many of our customers prefer to take out a maintenance contract which ensures we will make a bi-annual visit to service the machine. We can even offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years on equipment sold in the UK.

If you have any questions over the long-term reliability of Premier's Inverters, we will be delighted to refer you to existing customer's for reassurance.
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