Special lift tables, custom made 

Lift table with a tilting top for handling euro pallets.
2 standard lift tables build together as a
double vertical lift table.

IL3000BB lift table with a manual turntable 2200 x 2200 mm with stop all 90�. 

IL3000SB med Baelg 010.4
IL3000SB med Baelg 012.5
                                                            Lift table with bellow.
TS2000 varmegalvaniseret med gelaender 010.3
Standard scissor lift table with both turntable top and tilting top platform.
Standard scissor lift table galvanised with railing and door.
ILD 3000 double vertical lift table with railing and door.
ILD 1000 double vertical lift table with bottomframe with wheels and manual loading dock/loading flap.
ILD1000 with steel curtain as protection.                                     
                 IL3000SB lift table with tilting platform.


IL1000 with aluminum platform. IL2000B lift table with bottom frame with wheels.
Special lift table with step function.

Special lift table with photocell control for automatic stop 
Special lift table with a tilting top for handling euro pallets.
Trolley equipped with a tilting device.
Special lift table with both turntable top and tilting top platform.
TL 1000 lift table with pneumatic cylinder.
Special made lift table with turntable fitted to a bottom frame
for truck handling.
Lift table with manual turn table.
Lift table with motor driven square turn table.
                                                        TMDH1000 double vertical double horizontal lift table.
                                       Special lift table build for the danish railways - DSB.
TSD 1500 lift table with railing and door.
Special low profile lift table
Special lift table. Galvanised with loadingdock. 
Stroke 1500 mm. Capacity 4000 kg.

Special lift table. Top plate 14000 x 3600 mm. Stroke 8500 mm.
Total  9800 mm. Build in to a automatic storage system.

TP3000 lift table with roller conveyor.
                   Testing of special lift table.

TL1000B lift table used as working platform.

TM1500 stainless lift table with turntable for use in dairy.


TLH2000 double horizontal lift table.

U-Shaped low profile lift table.




                                                                Lift table for beds and wheel chairs for use in hospital.

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